Why Do I Use photos not words ?

The reason I have used lots of photos on my website which you can make much larger by clicking on, are most people only believe in what they can see in the way of proof if some thing exist or not. They also form part of my own project diaries to add to my written diaries and my video diaries which cover every day I did some thing from the very beginning, and when I filed my patent to do with saving lives too. My diaries are to also prove that I alone have designed all my ideas to cover any copyrights claims and I also keep video and phone tapes too. Why. Because my memory has not been very good from a early age. Which I'm pleased to say to others did not stop me from working straight from school at 16 until being retired in 1997 due to a accident I had at my work place which left me with a permanent lower back pain, and other arthritic problems too. These are the reasons why I have kept a record in some way of what I have done in my life which I hope others may wish to refer to at some time in the future.  John. J.R.P.