My 3Rs Wheelchair Gardening stage(4) 28-9-2011

Photos 1-10 were taken on the 28-9-2011, when I went to see the Management at B&Q  Greenwich, Dave, John,  Lawrence, about letting me have some damaged trellis section for FREE, so that I could help to keep down the cost of trying to set up my friends daughters 3Rs plastic container gardening project, to show the rest of the world a new way to grow thing, whilst mainly sitting in her wheelchair.

As you can see all I've done is put three side section in place with one section resting on the top of them, I've also used one of our garden chairs to help keep them in place while I tied them together with some green wire to see what it would look like, before trying to add a wooden work top inside it. When I do take everything I need to set it up at my friends house, I'm sure we might nail some of the slats together to add more strength to the structure. Today proved to me that there are people who do care, and are willing to get involved if they can to help someone like me make their dream come true.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO BOB Mckee at  B&Q House, down to  people like Lawrence, who said that he to would help spread the word in anyway he can, after helping to load up my car with 4 trellis.

I'm sorry if some of the photos are fuzzy, I must stop shaking when I press the button each time.