3Rs Wheelchair Gardening for a friend st (3) 2011

Photos 1-5 were taken on the 22-9-2011 showing the green plastic table I bought for £5 from a Pettswod charity shop today, which I will add some trellis to so that my friends daughter can use

it to enjoy growing things on, using my 3Rs plastic container gardening ideas, while she in her wheelchair. The wheelchair in my photo is my motherinlaws, who does support what I'm doing. Photo (6) is of my friends daughter Rebecca sitting in her wheelchair tending to my Community Garden, set up at the Mottingham Community Learning Shop, which is shown on the front cover of MCLS in Bromley. Photos (7) is the area we are going to use to set up Rebeccas own 3Rs plastic container gardening space with the help of Brian and his wife Pat, to also show others.