3Rs Wheelchair Gardening using trellis (1)   2005

Hi ALL, please let me introduce you to my 3Rs Wheelchair Gardening ideas, using trellis so that people of all ages can grow things in a small space, whilst there still sitting in their wheelchairs, because of one reason or another, plus my design can be used by those people who are able to stand for a short period of time, if they can, just using their hands mainly to enjoy  growing things like most people do every day like me. I'm very sorry about some of my photos being Fuzzy again.

Photos 1-10 where taken in 2005 showing the simple stages of making up my 3Rs container gardening system, done with the help of some canes and green wire and a old table stand , which I think now is the time to share it with the rest of the world, because I'm being ignored by so many.