Arranged VEOLIA waste services visit 13-5-2009.

These are some photos I took on the 13-5-2009 when I went to see how VEOLIA Environmental Services deal with our rubbish on a very large scale in DETFORD sent to them from other waste collection services.

As you can see I went with others who were also interested in seeing for themselves how the system works.

Photo (1) Me. Photo (2) is of the meeting room. Photo (3) is of the men who opperate the very large grabbers which pick up the waste and put it down the shoot leading to the furnace. Photos (4)(5)(6) were taken as we worked our way down floors to end up at photo (7) where we we all took turns to look through small windows to see the rubbish burning very hot. Photo (8) shows us looking up at the very large Air ducts. Photo (9) shows the on site power station. Photo (10) shows us out side the main entrance after our very good tour. Which I would recommend to everyone to try and do if they can as it will be a eye opener to just how much we all throw away every day, but atleast we have a very good company dealing with it in a very clean way now.