My V -large Water C growing (Rhubarb)14-12-2009

Photo (1) was taken on the 5-8-2009 showing how much my Rhubarb has grown again since being picked to encouage more groth. Photos (2)(3) were taken on the 22-8-2009 showing I've pulled off 16 more stalks of my Rhubarb to eat this time and to see what Mother Nature will do next. Photo (4) was taken on the 16-2-2009 showing I have some more Rhubarb growing again Photo (5) was taken on the 28-9-2009 showing I have another leaf showing. Photo (6) was taken on the 17-10-2009 showing I've still got my two leaves but they are starting to turn yellowish since the weather has got colder, but something else is gowing next to them wich must have come in  the old compost I used from other containers. Photo (7) was taken on the 8-11-2009 showing no more signes of my Rhubarb growing, but what ever is, is OK.

Photos 8-9 were taken on the 27-11-2009 show I've got some more Rhubarb growing. P (10) 14-12-2009