Trying to kill VineWeevil Experiment 29-3-2013

Hi ALL these next (10) photos were taken on the 29-3-2013 showing me trying out my own experiment to try and kill the VineWeevil grub, that I do know does eat Primroses, as they have eaten alot of mine which I thought I would try to solve. As you can see I've put (5) grubs in each of the 4 containers to see what happens if I add some things to it like, Salt  Mustered, Vinigar, Pepper which I had some of to try out at avery low cost to me. I started my experiment at 1pm and I took photos 6-10 one our later.

Photo (1) shows the (4) containers which I've added my 4 things to, with the (5) grubs in at one end, and I've put some moss at the other end to see what happens, if they can see or smell  or not to get to it. Photo (2) shows I've put some Mixed Peppers in across the middle to see if they will cross it or not.

Photo (3) shows I've put some white Pepper across the middle. Photo (4) shows I've put some Salt across the middle. Photo (5) shows I've tried to put drops of Vinigar across the middle, not so good . Photo (6) shows some of the grubs have moved more than some others. Photo (7) shows the mixed pepper did not work, it does look like the white Pepper is not working too. Photo (8) shows even the Salt is not working, But the Vinigar is either by drowning them or just sticking to them in some way.