Trying to kill VineWeevil Experiment s2 29-3-2013

These (10) photos were also taken on the 29-3-2013 at 2,30 pm showing time stages of me trying to kill (25) small VineWeevil grubs. Photo (1) shows me trying some Mustard across the middle of another container, but  this did not stop the grubs getting to the moss. Photos 6-10 were taken at 3pm most of the grubs had made it to the moss some how, but all the Vinigar ones did not ,when I checked at 5pm. What I will do next is to add some of the Vinigar to water and then add it to some compost with a good Primrose in to see if the plant servive and the VineWeevils don't, even though I've been told that there is already some thing being sold which does work very well now, which I might end up having to use.