Hi every one, I've just put forward my ideas on how I would use my transportable system of growing things to start Tree Top Farming in CANADA. As I've had a e-mail friend called George who is interested in doing so, as he lives surrounded by forest with no room to grow things in the ground, because of the roots and not a lot of light getting to the lower area in-between the trees, plus the cold weather conditions are a problem too. But he is going to try my way of doing thing as I grow nothing in the ground it's self, which could also help the people living in the rain forest too, where they are cutting down thousands of trees so they can grow things to eat, and for other things too. With this in mind I'm now going to tell you what I told George as you might find it of interest to you, even though I'm sure I will be taken as a fool by those who don't like the way I re-use waste plastic containers and wood now, to be of benefit to those who might use my simple transportable system now, made

for the purpose to help feed them selves. What I said.

My decking is your platform covered completely in rows of plastic containers, even a poly tunnel system covering the crops would protect them from the snow and cold winds, I'm sure once the first platform is made up high using block and tackle,and a lot of ropes, you will then go on to link up other tree top platform areas to each other by the way of walk ways, so you can do things without coming down. What I suggest you do first is to make a small version of what your tree top farm is going to be like, simply done by finding a young tree to work on, or more to represent the way your going to have to do things, on a small scale first, before trying to do it on a larger scale up high. For example either laying out your containers on a tree trunk area you have cut off, or extending it by laying very long length of wood down on top of your tree trunk first, which ever way you feel is safer, remembering the bigger the space the more you can grow. Making a log cabin serves a purpose made from wood, making a tree top farming system from wood will serve even a bigger purpose.

The main benefits of my system is if used, you don't have to cut down any trees, only the top part is removed, which allows the tree to keep on growing, leaving outer branches all the way round your platform to protect you from the wind. You can also use solar power, wind power if you want to, you can also save water in many ways to making your self even more selfsufficientish. The only down side would be if there was a forest fire, but if we are talking about very wide tree trunks, I'm sure all would not be lost to start again. Plus you could already have a helicopter landing platform made in the same way to help in a rescue situation or for other things. Plus you will only need a sharp knife once you are set up to do things, like I do now, even re-using the same compost over and over again will give you a crop.

There's a thought, a tree top allotment plot, but not in the UK. Thank you for taking the time to read my message to you. To see 3 photos on how I would do this please take a look at my photos under the heading, Cereal-Crops Growing.