My 3Rs T.R.A. CommunityMeetingSE18 24-1-2009

Photos 1-6 were taken on the 24-1-2009 of the day I went to the first T.R.A. Community meeting held in St Peters Church Woolwich from 10am until 2pm where there were lots of tables laid out where people involved in Communities did their own presentations like me. As you can see one table was enough for me to use seeing as it all came out of the boot of my car.  Photos (7)(8) were taken on the 3-6-2009 showing a plant growing area maintained by our Greenwich Council Garden Team which has not been dead headed to encourage some more groth for a longer period which anyone else would do to help keep down the cost of replacing them earlier. Photos (9)(10) were taken just down the road from them on the same day 3-6-2009 showing another area maintained by the same Greenwich Council Garden Team planted at the same time which had been dead headed because I just happen to stop to talk to the men who were doing it. With this in mind I've ask if the Council does not want to look after the plants why not offer the job to Communities to do.