Time's running out for me to spread the 3Rs word

Hi ALL, I'm NOT trying to play at being GOD I'm just trying to tell the world I know how to help feed Millions ? What I can't understand is why people find it so hard to show their support for me,  and using my ideas, what am I doing so wrong ? Hi ALL, can I be one of the first to wish you ALL a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. Today is Wednesday the 12 -12 -2012 and I would like to share with you ALL some of my NEW ideas, to mainly help poor people to live a better life at a low cost, and to also help promote the reuse of what's already been made to serve another purpose. Whilst I already know if there's no money tobe made from a idea people are really not interested, but this is my way of saying thank you for ALL the FREE air we breath, the Rain that falls, and the SUN that shines, and the Moon that keeps us cool, it's only us who have put a price on everything else.  My First idea is to ADD a small solar battery charging system to the top of a plastic bottle, whats already been proven to work very well as a light sauce, using ( A LITER OF LIGHT) to be fixed upon a corrugated roof right now. My second idea is to add to the way many people are trying to grow things now to help promote Hydroponics. The way I've done ALL of this you can see on my website www.recycling.moonfruit.com at the end of my menue, if you are really intereseted in the way I do things as a inventor & designer in my spare time .May you and yours and what you grow live long and happy. John.