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Sally (B) at allotments-uk.com (forum) Recycling ideas.

ANDY & DAVE (H) at selfsufficientish.com(forum) 3Rs.

www.downsizer.net (forum) New Reuse-R of waste.

www.Allotments4All.com (forum) New Reuse-R of waste

TheEnvirnmentsite.org (forum) New Reuse-R of waste.

Gardeners Corner.co.uk (forum) Container Gardening.

Phill &Dee www.coldharbourallotment.myfastforum.org

The NewsShopper (forum) New Reuse-R of waste.

Job Ebenezer [email protected] in the USA.   ANDY at  Moonfruit.com SiteMaker Team.

YouTube myTopic is, 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening.

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Ian & Lee and all at HOMEBASE Kidbrooke.

The News Shopper Mark Chandler.

Age Concern Pauline Cahill, Men in Sheds Greenwich.

 The Mercurry. The Kentish Times.

Tamily Clark & Kay & Paula & Jo Guest & Merrill  & Stan - Mottingham Community-Learning-Shop.

The Greenwich Times-Pat Greenwood.

Vicar Margaret & Garry & Dave & Pat at St Edwards Church - Mottingham.     JAKKI GILLETT in SE 10.

June [email protected] C.O Team Leader.

Sue [email protected] Community Officer.

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Ingrid [email protected]

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The - Mulder.family in ( Canada )

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Winston Tan Lucena City Quezon ( Philippine )

--------------------------------------------------------------------------2011. My list of helpers to spread the word. My Website hits are now at  200,000 at 11 30pm on the 6-2-2011.

Rosie Murdouch-TheViewTube, ConfusedRhubarb, [email protected] Migdal and Helen Barclay, CampaignCentral HughJackson Livebelowtheline.org.uk

HAPPYMUM, Facebook, DFE, Concern. Co-op, LCRN, Mottingham Moovers&Groovers, Jo Montbelle school. Red Hill school, Mayor Jim Gillman, Cllr Charles Redeo-ut, UNDP, Cllr Roger Charsles, FB UNICEF, FB GOAL, B&Q Bob, Dave, John, Lawrence, at Greenwich. Brian, Pat, Rebecca Hubbard, B&Q Dave Charman at Eltham,

Martyn Sibley- MartynSibley.com-disabilityhorizons.com

Harrinder Channa-Age concern Men in Sheds at Etham.

One World Aid, Debby Matthews Growing London,Ideas for A Cooler World. Brym Mottingham C C Caretaker.



Hi ALL, I do hope you and yours are all well, with this in mind I would like to see the 11-11-2011 also become a day to remember for all times sake, with your help, as the day the WORLD found out there is an answer  to help feed millions of people for next to nothing using my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening ideas to grow things now. To day Mr Martyn Sibley has shown his support for my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening for Wheelchair users, Simply done by me spreading the word about something that actually works in the simplest of ways  by design to help people live a better life in a drought or flood situation, and to also help Recycle, Reuse,Reduce  some of our waste.  Please help me to make my dream come true if you can in your own way. Thank you. John.


Hi ALL, there is a answer to every man made problem, so please don't treat my simple 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening ideas like the Elephant standing on a table, all because I'm trying to spread the word about some thing that actually works in the simplest of ways, and cost next to nothing to make to help my fellow Human being. Please visit YouTube or FaceBook or please     e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you. I hope you have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a

VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012. From me, John JRP.


2012. My list of helper to spread the word. My website visits are now 267.878 1-1-2012. Jacko B&Q  Eltham,

Rosie Hardicker Groundwork Uk, Debby Matthews Growing London, Harry Holmes GDCA  facebook, Growing Greenwich, on YouTube Leasmouth96-

Char2win- Ninjanbo7, Mustardseedmama, Bryn, Dave,

GT-Johnny Armstead, Taeyeup Kim-WU AE RA,

Lucy at the Mottingham Community Centre SE9 Nursery  -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Today the 12-2-2012 I'm writing to say to you all at last I have a place to call the heart beat of me trying to help promote my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening ideas at  Eltham, the Environmental Curriculum Service Centre, which is run by a good team of Wide Horizons helpers.

Claire, Dave, Tracy, Alex. and lots more people I've yet to meet. Please spread the word. Thank you. John. JRP

My website visits are now 374,718 on the 30-12-2012.

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Today the 31-12-2013 my website hits are now 475,500 and my New helpers to spread the word about my 3R's Waste Plastic Container Gardening ideas are, starting with Maylynn Quan-Kid's Canada, Ptmof Teen Mother's, Solome Ssembeguya, Annelie Roux, John Townsend, Sosoya Undugu Dance, Kathleen Carr,