Dear Receiver,                                                 4-4-2004

I'm John the son of George and Joan who know's how to help feed the starving people of the world in 2004.  

Now that I've told you this fact, and I can prove it, what can you do to help me with this information. As in the past, I've needed people who care about others to get involved in changing the future way of life for those who need my help now. To see with your own eyes what I claim is true,  please take a look at my own website in the UK. Thank You.

The reason I'm sending out this letter to you all is to try and save millions of lives all over the world for nothing. But, this can not be done without help, even if I were to be the real J son G, which I'm not.  But instead I'm John son of George and Joan, who's trying to do his bit to Reuse millions of tonnes of waste plastic and wood in ways that I believe has never been done before, solely designed by me to help feed the starving in a bad flood or drought situation, on a large or small scale in the third world mainly, which I do know works very well on most surfaces.  Yours Sincerely John Pendergast.        Please Continue.