These are just some of theThings you can make.

Photo (1) shows a 2 headed CAT, photo (2) is of a Funny Bird scearer on a simple pivoting device, which is made by cutting a round hole in the bottom of any plastic container so that a cane end does come in contact with the cap. Next make 2 holes or more holes so they line up with the same  holes on the otherside. Next pass the thin end of your cane through a hole until you have the length that's required, this way you can have canes sticking out from say 10ft on opposite sides down to 4 canes sticking out 4ft 10 inches on opposite sides.  My Bird feeder is made by simply cutting out 4 side panels, leaving 4 corner pillors attached to the top and bottom section of the container, with lips made so that the birds can land and to help keep the food dry with some small holes made in the bottom to let any water out. My Bottle people are made by using hook and eyes and interlocking containers.  My upside shown letter (T)  Birdfeeder is done by simple cutting and folding in the two panels with  room for mixed nuts and seeds togo in the bottom area, how to hang up make a hole in the top cap so that a length of sting or wire can go though with a knot on it to stop  it pulling through. Phpto (6) is of a Bird which I did have many of hanging down from my cane ends just like I have in the hanging down Cans photo. All my Horizontal and Vertical 3Rs designes just use a cane or a flat length of wood to work.