TESCO 3R'sWastePlasticContainerGardening2015

Photos 1-4 were taken on the 26-11-2014 and the 30-11-2014 are showing some more pots and plants that my NEW friend TESCO gave me to help spread the word about my 3R's Waste Plastic Container Gardening ideas. Photo ( 5) was taken on the 19-12-2014 shows me with one of my friends at TESCO taken by one of the stores managers who is also helping me to spread the word before CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR 2015. Photo (6) was taken on the 22-2-2015 show the first (10) plants given to me to share out at some time 2015. Photo 7-8 were taken on the 14 and the 15-3-2015 show some more plants that have been given to me. Photo (9) was taken on the 21-3-2015 shows (6) more plants given to me. Photo (10) was taken on the 2-4-2015 shows some Viola and some Basil plants which were given to me for FREE to share out.