The Main Benefits of My System Are?

The main benefits of my food or plant growing system are as follows in no particular order. For Example.

It works in the simplest of ways like most of my ideas do.

It cost next to nothing to make.

It's so simple to make a child can do it.

It has it's own water recycling system built in.

It works by each container acting as a water reservoir.

It can be used on any flat surface including water.

It means you can grow things all year round.

It means you can grow things in all weathers.

It's very light to carry when empty.

It can be used on a small or large scale.

It can be used to carry water,compost,soil,or other things.

It can be used to carry plants or food crops.

It was designed to be used in a drought or flood situation.

It was invented to help feed the poor.

It was thought of to help reduce some of our waste plastic containers and unwanted wooden pallets from going into  landfill sites in the UK and in the rest of the world.

And there's more please continue to read all the benefits of my very simple to make system.

It was designed to be used in a small space.

It was designed to be linked together.

It was designed to be made to use vertically.

It was designed to form an allotment plot.

It was designed to grow things one above another.

It was designed to help people who can not dig.

It was designed for people in a wheel chair.

It was designed to be used by every one young or old.

It was designed to be used on contaminated land.

It's water recycling system is done by simply undoing or doing up a cap at the bottom of every upside down plastic container to allow water to be re-used over and over again until there is no more, only feeding the crop itself.

It was designed to allow one or more plastic containers of many shapes and sizes to fit inside another upside down container starting with a base row first.

It was designed to trap water to help prevent evaporation.

It was designed to self stand or float.

It can help to reduce thousands of plastic containers of all shapes and sizes going into landfill sites, like I have used over 8,000 my self on my own half allotment plot, and over 150 unwanted wooden pallets too.

It was designed by me to serve a purpose in so many different ways which there is no other system in the world can match made for FREE. How. Because it's all made from rubbish which I'm also offering to all the people in the world for FREE to serve a purpose in my life time too.

Thank you for taking the time to read the benefits of using my simple system idea, please continue down the menue to see more proof of what I claim to be true.