Stage 3 of our Community Garden OpenDay 2008

Photo (1) is of the Management of the Learning Shop. Photo (2) is of me standing with some of the local people DEMONSTRATING, who do use the Mottingham Community & Learning Shop alot, which the Bromely Council said they are thinking of closing down in the very near future. WHY. Because of funds required, which we don't want to happen. CLLR s Please NOTE. S.O.S. save our shop, ok we didn't have loads of people come to the M C & L S open day who were interested in the my reuse of waste, but those who did come to see my 3Rs Community Gardening Project were very impressed with what we had up and running out in the back yard, to the point that they said they were going to help spread the word, and they might even start up their own recycling and growing project, which is all I wanted to hear, to help make  this day all worth while being involved in.