Stage (2) of my 3Rs Allotment Plot Construction

Phot (1) shows I have scraped some of my plot flat to leave a clear 3ft path on the lefthand side going towards the main gate. Photo (2) is from the righthand side at the back looking towards the gate, with my oldest son sitting in his van after dropping of some more unwanted wooden pallets that he got for me to use. Photo (3) shows I've put in 2 main corner post, and I've also cleared a space in-between the main pathway and the front of my plot too. Photos (4)(5)(6) show 2x7ft unwanted wooden fences fixed in place on the lefthand side. Photo (7) shows a flat sheet of wood with some pallets on to help keep them in place. Photo (8) is of lots of my pallets laid out. Photo (9) is of one more 7ft fence panel added to the righthand side, leaving a 3ft pathway as shown in-between my plot and the plot next to mine, that we must all have.