New Sowing Day 22-8-2009 stage (5)   16-9-2009

Photos 1-7 were taken on the 22-8-2009 showing the 30 Carrots I pulled out on the 22-8-2009 from my 10 bottles to eat. Photo (8) was taken on the 4-9-2009 showing one of my Sweetcorn plants given to me by a friend when it was nearly dead,  has grown me a Sweetcorn shape at about 1ft high instead of about 6ft high proving to me what Mother Nature can do in her own way with a little bit TLC. Photo (8)  was taken on the 12-9-2009 showing that I've cut down all of the main parts of my Tomatoe Plants, just leaving what ever there is trying to grow at the bottom of them to see if I get some more tomatoes growing again before it dys.

Photos (9)(10) were taken on the 16-9-2009 showing how much my Tomato plants have regrown again and I've got some more tomatoes on them too.