New Sowing Day 17-5-2009 stage (8) - 14-10-2009

Photos (1) (2) (3)  are of my first photos taken on the 17-5-2009 of my 120 Cos Lettuce seedling put in their places in the second row on the left hand side leading from the front of my plot. Photos (4)(5)(6) were taken on the 18-5-2009 showing 60 more Cos lettuce seedlings put in their places. Photos (7) (8) (9) were taken on the 27-5-2009 showing where I put another 90 lettuce seedling to grow on leaving another 30 to do.

Photo (10) was taken on the 14-10-2009 showing how my Colliflower are starting to grow again since we had some rain the other day.