New Sowing Day 27-4-2009 stage (7) - 15-5-2009

Photo (1) was taken on the 27-4-2009 showing my spring onions and carrots seedlings are growing  ok.

Photo (2) (3) were taken on the 4-5-2009 showing where I put 60  Coliflower seedlings in my  2nd row on the left side. Photo (4) was also taken on the 4-5-2009 showing 40 Brussels Sprout  seedlings ready to go up to my plot.  Photo (5) was taken on the 9-5-2009 showing where I put my 40 Brussel Sprout seedling to grow on. Photos (6) (7) (8) were taken on the 15-5-2009 showing Cos Lttuce seedlings being put in their places.