Sowing&Planting Horizontally5-5-2010 -12-6-2010

Photos 1-3 were taken on the 5-5-2010 showing (15) Cabbage seedlings sown in 5 - 3 litre bottomless bottles, and  in 5 - 2 litre bottomless bottles, and in 5 - 4 pinter milk containers. And I put (15) Colliflower seedlings in, done in the same way. Plus you can see I've planted some more Pansies with the help of my 2 youngest  grandsons shown on You Tube, under my own topic 3Rs plastic container gardening..

Photo 4 was taken on the 19-5-2010 when I put my Cabbage and Colliflower seedling onto my plot. Phots 5-6 were taken on the 30-5-2010 showing I've  just put in some Brussle and mixied lettuces seedling in.

Photo (7) was taken on the 1-6-2010 showing where I put them on my plot. Photo 8-10 were taken on the 12-6-2010 showing how my plot looks with all my Potato's and everything else is growing on the lefthand side of my plot..