Scouts.Waste.Action.Club.4th Royal Eltham Cubs

Photos (1) (2) were taken on the 20-4-2015 show the 4th Royal Eltham Scouts leader, and his cubs group. Photo (3) was taken on the 3-5-2015 shows our grandsons first MINT seedlings coming up sown on the 20th. Photo (4) was taken on the 11-5-2015 show how the seedlings look one week on. Photo (5) was taken on the 16-5-2015 show how the seedlings lookafter having some RAIN and sunshine. Photos 6-7 were taken on the 19-5-2015 show how the MINT seedling are starting to grow in both sections of my two planter idea. Photo(8 was taken on the 30-8-2015 shows something growing, But I'm told it's NOT MINT.