New Vertical R.I.P. MEMORIAL idea. 2010

These Photos were taken on the 3-8-2010 showing how my vertical container system can be use to hold flowers that people would normally add to objects in memory of someone who died at a established place.

I'm putting this idea forward because I've seen so many roadside memorials set up all over the place by people who want to show their feelings for someone they knew, and would like to share it with others too.

My system was designed to help keep something alive for longer with the help of some water being added.

If people do decide to use it to put their flowers in, all they would have to do then is add some water to the bottomless bottle with the cap done up inside the container sections, which can be held in place by twine or string or what ever does a neat and tidy good job to look at for all concerned. All I'm trying to do is help solve the problem of seeing so many flowers dying through lack of water, when my system can help that, if used.

What can I say but driving past both Memorials the other day, the Greenwich Council had taken them away.