My3Rs RedHill School FunDay prentation2-7- 2011

These photos were taken on the 2-7-2011 showing where I set my self up to do a presentation to all the people coming through the main gate at  the Red Hill Schools Fun Day, which I know I was very lucky to be allowed to do, seeing as I just turned up at 11am  and stayed until 1-30pm before me then going to Fairy Hill Parks Fun Day starting at 2pm. At both events there were lots of people enjoying the sunshine and what had been laid on for them, and I spoke to lots of people who said they would spread the word.  I'm sorry that they are fuzzy but my camrea was out of focus and I can't turn the clock back to take again.

I know I should have gone to specsavers, atleast I know next time it's not my eyes but my old camera.