My 3Rs Projects (2)(3) in stages from 2010 - 2011

Photo 1 was taken on the 19-5-2010 showing my friend Peter giving me the thumbs up to my  V  garden.

Photo 2 was taken on the 21-5-2010 showing how the Community Learning -Shop sections are looking.

Photo 3 was taken on the 7-7-2010 showing I've just taken down (10) rows and replaced them with (20).

Photo 4 was taken on the 27-7-2010 showing that I've cleared an area which can have more containers.

Photos 5-6 were taken on the 21-12-2010 showing 7 rows of my containers and plants were destroyed by fire when the big blue wheelie bin next door was set alight the other week by the local truble makers,  the manager of the Domino Pizza Shop said she will try to help replace what was destroyed if she can.

Photo (7) was taken on the 26-1-2011 showing I've put some new trellis up with s-money from next door.

Photo 8-9 were taken on the 18-2-2011 showing I've put some new containers onto the new trellis set up

Photo 10 was taken on the 1-3-2011 showing all of my trellis section are full of different plants to look at.

Project (3) was all cleared away on the 29-7-2011 so work could be carried out at St Edwards church.