CommunityGarden Project (2) 4-9-2009-28-9-2009

Photos 1-7 were taken on the 4-9-2009 showing how it looks now compared to few months ago, all I've done is replace some of the bedding plants with some more winter Pansies, and I've got to replace some of my milk containers because they are becoming brittle after about 5 to ten years use. As you can see some of the top security device blades are missing, why because the beam they were on has been cut through and pulled down by who ever but they did not touch the plants, so they must like what we are doing at the back of the Mottingham SE9 Community Learning Shop. Photos 8-10 were taken on the 28-9-2009 showing I've still got a lot of my flowers starting to flower again this year even though they should be finished by now, but Mother Nature says no it's not time to do so in my bottles yet for some good reason.