My 3Rs Allotment plot project photos(1)28-9-2009

The next four pages were taken on the 28-9-2009 showing how my allotment plot looks now compared to when I first started trying to grow things in a different way, as you will see my allotment plot is more of an experimental plot now, with so many crops left in to see what Mother Nature will do with very little water, and using the same compost over and over again with out me adding any grow better food. What I'm trying to prove to my self is if you cut or damage any living thing it will find away to carry on, for example like we do if we were to lose a arm or a leg from our body, a plant or tree will grow things from its body above and below if it can. I Know my plot does not look like the way it use to, but if I can get hold of another 100 unwanted EU pallets this year for free this could all change. At this point may I say thank YOU for showing your interest in what I'm doing.