Press cutting 24-2-2009 - 2010  & 1-1-2013

A BIG THANK YOU to Jakki Gillett for taking the time to write a letter to the Greenwich Times dated the 24-2-2009. And on winning the The Greenwich Times SE10, STAR LETTER, which she did do to try and help spread the word about the way I do things with Waste on page 4 issue N0 39. Recycling ahead of its time. Photo (2) shows the GT visit to our open day. Photo (3) is about our Neighbourhood Pride Team. Photo (4) is about getting a grant From Greenwich Council to help set up a Community Garden. Photo (5) is on the Councils TAX booklet 2010-2011. Please click on photos to make them BIGGER.

Photo (6) is of me trying to spread the word about my 3Rs waste Plastic Container Gardening ideas, in the News Shopper dated the 8-9-2010 on page 3. Photo (7) is also about lives being saved in a flood.