Potato Growing stage (3) 16-5-2009 - 27-11-2009

Photo (1) was taken on the 16-5-2009 showing my Potatoes growing on the left hand side of my plot taken from the front. Photos (2)(3)(4)(5) were taken on the 10-6-2009 showing all my Potatoes are growing well.

Photo (6) was taken on the 20-6-2009 showing about 180 small potatoes I emptied out from my first section sown on the 17-1-2009 so I could put some more bits back in. Photo (7) was taken on the 15-8-2009 when I emptied out 120 mixed size potatoes from just 20 bottles on the last two rows on the left side, putting another 5 bits back into each bottle straight away to see what I get from them. Photo (8) was taken on the 8-11-2009 showing my old Potato crop which I've left in this year as now started to grow another crop in the same container. Photo (9) was taken on the 21-11-2009 showing 180 mixed size Potatoes from my pallet section 2 sown on the 20-6-2009. Photo(10)was taken on the 27-11-2009 show my bits are growing sown 27-10-2009