Potatoe Growing stage (6) 15-5-2013 - 28-4-2014

Photos 1-4 were taken on the 15-5-2013 showing the potatoe bits are starting to grow sown on the  down the lefthand side of my plot again, after me putting 50x4  in my first pallet section, and the same in my 3rd pallet section, and then 25x4 bits of white and 25x4 bits of red potatoes into my 5th pallet section to grow on.Photos 5-7 were taken on the 29-6-2013 showing how my Potatoes are growing. Photo (8) was taken on the 9-4-2014 showing that I've just put (45) bits of Red Potatoe in my first pallet section on the lefthand side.

Photo 9 shows were I've just put (32) bit of Potatoe into my 3rd pallet section on the lefthand side of my plot. Photo 10 was taken on the 28-4-2014 showing the first few leaves since we have had some sun and RAIN.