Potato Growing & sowing in 2012 bought in 2011

Photos 1-6 were taken on the 14-8-2012 showing (3) bags of potatos I bought for 5p each from ASDA back in 2011, which I've now decided to plant in my containers up my plot, which I have already used one bag of them, after removeing atleast (50) which had already grown in different sizes inside the bag. But I'm sorry to say my battery went down on my camera so I can't show you what they looked like.  Photos 7-9 were taken on the 17-8-2012 showing you the potatos which I have now put into my containers today, as you can see there are about (80) small size potatos already grown whilest they were in the bag it self which can be used, all the main potato's with the roots on are the ones I've put in to (45) containers to see what I get. Photo (10) was taken on the 5-9-2012 showing my potato's are starting to show lots of green leaves now up my plot.