Plumstead SE18 NewProject 16-6-2010 -23-6-2010

Photos 1-8 were taken on the 16-6-2010 which is my Birthday showing a New gardening project I was ask to set up in-between to houses by a lady called Amanda, living in Chestnut Rise, Plumstead  SE 18 who wants to help promote my reuse of waste to everyone she knows, to show them just how easy it is to try and change the environment we all have to live in, done by just  growing something in a very simple way, which also cost next to nothing to make apart from canes, compost and  what ever you decide to grow.

Photos 9-10 were taken on the 23-6-2010 showing the 36 containers have now got a nice mixed amount of plants in them to give a little bit of colour to the front of the house for just £10 to cover everything bought.

Plus with a little bit of imagination you can paint all of the containers what ever colour you like, as shown in  my 2 photos,done by the same lady in the photo (6) who is helping me to spread the word about my ideas.