First stage of constructing my recycling plot project was to clear away all the over grown surface to leave a flat area for me to lay all my pallets on to use as decking. This way would also allow me to walk on to my plot of land in all weathers when finished, this way would also allow me to work out my plot designed section when ever I got my pallets from those who did not want them. Please note before laying every pallet section I covered the surface area below with lots of black bin bags cut in half and stuck together again with some brown tape to prevent the weeds getting any light, I then reused large sheets of clear plastic  to cover them to stop any weeds coming through and also help to stop the snails and slugs too. This way will also show to you that my way of growing things can be also used on any surface for example in a drought or flood situation, as every thing can be used in so many different ways by design in the third world mainly where it will help to save millions of lives if used, and it

will cost next to nothing to make as proven by me. J.R.P.