HI EVERY ONE. PLEASE TELL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD on my behalf that I have made a very simple to make transportable system that WORKS in a Flood or Drought situation,which can also help people in the fight  against poverty too, and it cost next to nothing to make because it's made from Re-used Recycled waste plastic containers of all shapes and sizes, and lots of unwanted wooden pallets too, which you are now going to see lots of photos of.  Which may take a bit longer to come up than the written word. To help make any of my photos even larger simply right click under it and use zo0M. DONE BECAUSE SEEING IS BELIEVEING AS PROOF THAT IT WON'T BE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME IN THE HOPE THAT YOU WILL HELP ME TO SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES, in some way, and to help me and others to Reuse tonnes of waste to help stop it going to landfill sites in the UK and in the rest of the world, IF WE CAN.

I say there's no need for anyone to die from hunger if my  simple idea is used, as part of Governments World Aid.

I will look forward to your helpful support in the future.

Thank You very much for your time.  John. JRP.