These are just a few people I've contacted in the past to help me get my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening idea used as part of Governments WORLD AID programme.

The Queen, Prince Charles, MP Tony Blair, Michael Howard,  Charles kennrdy, Mayor Ken Livingston, Nick Raynsford, Clive Efford, Elliot Morley, Clare Short, Joan Lucas, Howard Stoate, Joan Ruddock MEP, Jean Lambert MEP, Jean Louis Cougnon MEP, Len Duvall GLA, Rebrecca Webster GLA E, Mayor Sajid Jawaid, Cllr Rajwant Sidhu,

All Cllr, Janet Gillman, John Austin,Chris Ball,Chris Roberts GC, Angela Cornforth, Jagir Sekhon, Dorothy Mepstead, Ian Gerrard, John Hills, Chris Taylor, Spencer Drury, Ray Walker, Douglas Ellison,  Dermot Poston, Eileen Glover, Peter King, Mark Pattenden, BillFreeman, Mick R Hayes BrianWoodcraft, Harry Potter, Mick A Hayes, Daniel Wilkinson, Joel Briant, John Kelly, Vicky Morse, Darren Johnson, The AllpartyGroup HG, Friends of the Earth, International Development, Henry Doubleday Research Ass, Woodland Farm Trust, KentWider World Education Centre, The Geoffrey Udall Centre, Waste Watch, Kathryn Burall Stillman WW, Laura Jansen WW, Bob Sherman  HDRA, LizzyWhite CRN, Groundwork, Anita Foy CFS, Anita Collins CFS, Carole Zelenke EHC, Penelope OBrien SB, Blue Peter, The One Show, ASDA, Colleen South Africa, Andrea Fulton SB, Pope John Paul, SIR Bob Geldof,and All The Main Charities ? Brahma Kumaris WSU,, [email protected],

[email protected], RND'05, [email protected],

Remade, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

The Africa centre [email protected],

IRISH charities,,,,

The UK -IRISH Red Cross, Ryan Tubridy [email protected],

Pat Kenny [email protected],

Marian Finucane [email protected], Gorta. Monty Don,

Penney Poyzer, Alan Titchmarch, Chris Beardshaw,

The Red Cross Team, Kim Wilde, David Bellamy, Bob Flower Due, Onyx Environmental Trust, OXFAM I'm in!, Cllr Peter Kotz, Graham [email protected],

Sir Cliff Richard, The Permaculture Council of Management,@permaculture,

Ben Bradshaw Recycling Minister,

Cllr  Heidi [email protected],

Mr P.J.Templeman - Wright

Headteacher of my old Eltham Green school,

Paul Burnett Director of Children's Services,

Jackie Smith Cllr, Cabinet Member Children's Services, [email protected], GMTV [email protected], [email protected],

Dr Dickson [email protected], Care International UK , [email protected], 50 Connect, SAATH,

Caroline Molloy at Anita, [email protected], Miss Ann Widdecombe MP, The Director General Dr Jacques Diouf -FAO-

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

[email protected], Channel 4 TV deleted my waste topic on their forum and so did the Community Channel do it this

Christmas 2008, Why I don't know with over 1,000 reads

May be things will change in 2009, Happy New Year. I have some good news I'm now back on the CCTV.2009.

some sad news my topic has been removed again 2010.

[email protected], [email protected], Hawley Garden Centre Dartford.

HILARY BENN minister for the Environment and Food.

Michael Reynolds the Garbage Worrior.

Richard Littlejohn. [email protected]

Mr Peter Jones ( Dragons Den ). TVs Dominic Littlle.

Allyson Burkett (Lend Lease-Bluewater)

Mr Tucker Campaigning OXFAM GB.

Prof Chris Rapley at the London's Science Museum.


2011 list of no helpers who I've contacted to help me.

UNICEF, [email protected], the SUN,

George Galloway, Dr Hilary Jones, William Hague M P,

[email protected],Angela Rippon BBC TV,

Andrew [email protected]

Jamila Atta Virgin Brand Response Executive.