My 3Rs NectarineWay C-G last stage20 10-5-2010

Photos 1-7 were taken on the 10-5-2010 showing how the Community Garden area looks since I last went

to see how my plants were doing, as you can see the grass and stingingnettles are about 2ft high and lots of the plants have died through lack of water because their contaner caps were still undone, never mind I stood and did up all those who were still alive, and I flattened a pathway alongside the upright sections.

Apart from that everything is still in its place which I'm sure is all down to the local people keeping eye on it

so they can have somewhere nice to go in the summer. Photos 8-10  were taken on the 29-8-2014 are showing. I'm so sad, THIS IS HOW THIS AREA LOOKS NOW compared to what it looked like back in 2010.