My 3RsNectarineWay stage17 4-1-2010-17-1-2010

Photos 1-4 were taken on the 4-1-2010 showing another 50 plants and their bottles have gone into oue screen while the sun was out after another white frost. Photos 5-9 were taken on the 11-1-2010 showing just how much snow we have had since going to Nectarine Way last Monday. Plus our roads were to icey for me to chance going out so I picked up the 3 bags which my friend had left for me to bring home, and clean out to use later, when I have enough 2 litre bottles to go inside each one. Photo (9) is showing the ones I've got set up on YOU TUBE  under the topic 3Rs plastic Container Gardening still set up standing in the snow to showing that my system works in all weathers. Photo (10) was taken on the 17-1-2010 showing the next lots of containers which I will be taking to Nectarine Way when the weather gets better.