My 3Rs NectarineWay C-G stage 15     28-12-2009

Photos 1-4 were taken on the 20-12-2009 showing the plants I've put into my vertical screen today because tomorrow it might SNOW again,  and turn to ICE like my photos show on a very sunny day for me to do it on.

Photos (5)(6) were taken on the 21-12-2009 showing I've planted some bottles up which are ready to go in to our screen next year, while it stopped snowing today. Photos 7-10 were taken on the 28-12-2009 simply showing 90 of the plants in their containers before I put them into our screen idea before the weather might change again this year 2009. Anyway I hope you ALL had a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and I hope you all have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 too.  All the very best to you ALL . John. JRPrecycling.