My 3Rs NectarineWAy C-G stage 12     16-12-2009

Photos 1-6 were taken on the 14-12-2009 showing how my screen looks with the plants in on the righthand

side, with another 30 to go in the bottom row, and 5 to go in the second row down from the top row, leaving the top row to collect water in to recycle later with the bottle caps done up. Photos 7-10 were taken on the 16-12-2009 when I had some help to load up my car at B&Q Eltham SE9 with another lot of reduced compost bage done by the manager Mr Dave Parfitt, and with the help of one of his team of helpers as it started to snow today. But at least I can do some more planting in my bottles now I've got some more B&Q compost to use to help keep some of my plants alive at home before going to NectarineWay Community Garden with them next year, to add to the others I've already put in this year.