My 3Rs NectarineWay C-G stage 8     30-11-2009

Photos 1-5were taken on the 27-11-2009 when I went to B&Q at Eltham SE9 and the manager Dave Parfitt let me have (11) bags of opened compost for just £11  to help keep down the cost  of my latest Community Garden Project to the Greenwich Council Neighburhood Pride Team of helpers. These were all picked up by my son Lee in his van and put in my front garden ready to be used on our day. Photos 6-10 were taken on the 30-11-2009 showing my car full of 15 container section which I made up beforehand, just in case it did happen to rain at 12am and onwards,  and I had about 100 bottles to go inside them  to use as well.

As you can see they do make a different type of screen, all I need now is another 170 -6ft bean canes to finish the job off and another 1,190  waste 4pt milk containers and 2 litre bottles and then my job is done. The thing is you can grow things in my vertical growing system when ever you like so there is no rush.