My 3Rs NectarineWay C-G Stage 2         9-11-2009

Photos (1)-(6) were taken on the 2-11-2009 showing just how much my container section screens off the raised up area we are using as a Community Garden Project from looking into the peoples back gardens

and back windows below.  Woops It does look like I'm out by one upright as I've got a gap, never mind  I've only got to move 26 section up one to put that right.  At least people can see we have made a start with another 105 to be put up to go all the way round against the railings when finished. I don't know if you can see but photos 5-6 have got 75 bottomless 2 litre bottles inside them which ready to be used in the future.

Photos 7-10 were taken on the 9-11-2009 showing 3 more section I've added to the other ones in place.