My NectarineWay C-Garden Project(6) 29-10-2009

Photos (1)(2) were taken on the 29-10-2009 just before the sun went down showing some of my section are ready to be put up, but it got to dark and cold for me and others to put them up after sharing our ideas.

The Good news is the lady who is representing the people who do want to use this area for one thing or another has the fall support of the Greenwich Council and the Estate Manager, and a Local Councillor too.

Photos(3)-(10) were taken on the 2-11-2009 showing C and her Mum and M, the man from the Greenwich Council Community Participation and Diversity Team, who also took the photo of me standing with the 2 ladies before I finished putting the rest of the container sections in their places, with another 105 sections to go to help screen the whole area off from the peoples back gardens who are living below this raised up area the people are going to use for one thing or another in the future.