My 3Rs Water Recycling SYSTEMS really work.

Photo (1) is of me holding up a row of 10 upside down cut waste milk containers to put things into on a beam.

Photo  (2) is of me showing you how you can carry them with something in them like compost to grow things.

Photo (3) is of me standing on my own allotment plot to show you how they can also be used on any surface.

Photo (4) is of some people looking at my 3rs vertical way of growing which also cost next to nothing to make.

Photos 5-8 are showing some more ways I 've use plastic containers to grow things in to eat and look good.

Please Note.  My photos are not clear until you click on to them why because every photo captures a moment.

I know time is running out for me, which I can't do anything about, but at least I know I've tried to do my bit to help others, in my own way, only time will tell if I've wasted my time or not in trying to promote one of my ideas.

May you and yours and what you grow live long and happy now and in the future. Thank You. All the best John.