Photo (1) was taken on the 2-9-2015 shows where I've just put some more LETTUCE seedling to grow on.  Photos 2-3 were taken on the 7-10-2015 show how things look one month on after having lots of RAIN and now some sunshine. Photos 4-6 were taken on the 16-12-2015 show where two sections of my trellist have been put to rest against the wall after being blown down when we had very strong winds last week, but I did not know about this until today as I have family problem that I need to help deal with every day, MERRY CHISTMAS.and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016  from me John.JRP. Photos 7-9 were taken on the 17-2-2016 two months on.Photo(10) was taken on the 24-2-2016 shows one of my section has been pulled down by some one cimbing the fence.