Mottingham LearningShopCommunityGarden st 2

Photos 1-8 were taken on the 1-8-2012 showing us in the process of creating a Community Garden area at the back of our Mottingham Community Learning-Shop with six names so far taking part . This was all paid for by a grant from Growing London which was transfered from the Community Centre., as you can see we have done a few things with some waste wood to make one raised bed, and we also bought some trellist and compost too. Next week wewill make some more raised bedswith some new wood bought from B&Q at Eltham which should look ok with us all doing out bit to help in our own way.

Photos (9)(10) were taken on the 3-8-2012 showing the wood we bought from B&Q Eltham to make up our next raised bed, which I've already cut  so they are ready to put together.