Mottingham Community Centre Garden Ref (G. L) )

These are the first photos taken on the 26-10-2011 of my next project involving setting up a new Communiity Garden project at the Mottingham Community Centre SE9, which is being supported by (Growing LONDON). GL.

Today I met the caretaker B____ and ?  and we talked about the area that people are going to be allowed to use to grow things in as part of. A new vegetable growing and community learning project for LONDON.

What is this project about?

Growing London will help 60 Londoners to gain new confidence, skills and knowledge to lead positive change in their community and across London. to find out more please visit their Facebook page.

Where I come in, my Vertical Container growing system will act as a screen to hide waste bins which alot of people use as a dumping area, mainly because its down a side road behind shops and flats.