Mottingham C C N G Project17-9-2012 17-10-2012

 Photos 1-3 were taken on the 17-9-2012 showing where we have our new container screen set up, and a new raised bed, which has been made up for the children to use once we have sorted things out health and saftey wise. Photos 4-5 were taken on the 26-9-2012 showing I've added another row of cut containers on a carrying beam, and I've added (36) bottomless bottles to the Vertical containers acting like a screen on the inside area of the fence, plus I found a brown Tode .

Photos 6-8 were taken on the 8-10-2012 showing I've put another container screen up at the side.

Photos 9-10 were taken on the 17-10-2012 showing our Gardening Group sign put up for us now.