Mottingham C C Nursery Gardening Project 13

Photo (1) was taken on the 20-5-2013 showing the containers that I do intend to use in the future. Photos 2-7 were taken on the 3-6-2013 showing I've now transfered my old Wheelchair Tellis gardening system to the Nursery, just in case it's needed to be used by someone in the future. I've also added some more Vertical section too, last week a young soldier Mr Lee Rigby was killed near Woolwich Barracks, so I contacted lots of people telling them I would like to offer my very simple to make 3Rs Vertical plastic container system to use for people to put their flowers in to remember him.

Photos 8-10 were taken on the 10-6-2013 showing the stages of me making a raisd bed for the children to use in the future,