These are photos of the (MIDDLE)- Crops Growing

Photo (1) is of Potatoes growing in one of my pallet section on the bottom with mixed Herbs and some Sweeds growing on the top. Photo (2) is of some French Beans growing in 2 litre bottomless bottles on the bottom of my pallet section . Photo (3) is of some Strawberries growing in 6 pinters on the bottom. Photo (4)  is of Potatoes growing on the bottom with some leeks growing on top. Photo (5)  is of some PEAS. Photo (6) is of (100) young Broccoli plants (50) growing on the bottom and (50) growing on the top. Photo (7) is of  some Broad Beans. Photo (8) is of some Tomatoes. Photo (9) is of some (50) Lettuces growing on the bottom of one of my pallet sections.

Each pallet section can have up to (300) plastic containers being used at any one time to grow some thing in, simple done by having them one above another so that any water there is can be made to drip down into one below.  Which is my idea of my 3Rs water recycling system to act like water resovirs.